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Watch Puppets old town on weekends

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Watch Puppets old town on weekends September 2020

Puppet Museum, located on the East side of the Museum Fatahillah, in the old town, West Jakarta, looking bergeliat at the weekend. Hundreds of visitors entering the museum one by one, sometimes in twos. From the outside, the museum at a glance like a regular Netherlands remains terraced houses with white paint in green, not showy. Past the entrance, right on the right side, the visitor is obliged to exchange the money into a ticket must be presented to the security officer in uniform black-black. Read Fruit Wholesale Healthy Ticket prices vary, Rp 5,000 to Rp 3,000 for adults and students, of course if you come in at least 30 people will be charged a different rate.

Unlike a typical day, Sunday is the culmination of the visit of the visitor. "If this kind of holiday is usually 20 to 30 bendel tickets will run out," said Syed, Honorary officers of the puppet Museum plays a role in regulating the collection and guide who also served on the counter of his ticket to Tempo, Sunday 8 February 2015. He took the paper bendelan segepok blue segepok bendelan said while it contains 100 sheets of tickets. So, he said, could be due to the berjumawa puppet Museum can pull 20 thousand to 30 thousand visitors per day on holidays.

The character of visitors on holidays and weekdays are different. An ordinary day, visitors who come usually in groups. "School children study tour or groups of students who are currently touring," he said.

While if a holiday as it is today, visitors coming mostly younger families and couples that cool photograph or hold hands while an occasional stop at one of the ornaments of the puppet. Often a group of young men came in the amount of 5-7 people, take pictures while moving a marionette on display, rushed into another room then go home, skip the puppet show at the exhibition. "A short visit like that always happen, but at least they know the puppet and interested to come because of the puppet," said Guy original Pacitan is.

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