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BMW M 135 Hatchback Coupe Exterior Specifications

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BMW M 135 Hatchback Coupe Exterior Specifications Juli 2020

At one time, this six-cylinder engine became the symbol of the main hatch, smoothness and strength bmw m135 coupe. With the Volkswagen Golf R32 has a that does the Audi A3, and Mercedes-Benz offered Kup C-class sports bait with a V-6, as well. The existence of economic regulations more stringent fuel and some of the appropriate machine, hot hatch six-cylinder is one thing before this-except on BMW. 1-series hatchback, sold all over the world but not in the countries, still with a straight-six bmw 135i hatchback. He called it M135i, and although it is available with all wheel drive and eight-speed automatic, we try it purist version, rear wheel drive with a six-speed manual.

As a series of 2, only smallerSeries 1 this is a close relative of Kup series 2, which means it is based on the architecture of the rear wheel while racing longitudinal mounted engine bmw m135i specs. The chassis carried from 2-series and fitted with aluminium for, double-pivot strut-buffer, front suspension and a five-link rear axle. The rolling M135i 225/40 245/35 front and rear tires-tires wrapped around 18-inch wheels.
Electro-mechanical resource guide has been adapted to be a real lighter than on the larger BMW models such as the 5-and 6-series, which makes the car a sense of supremely agile. With a relatively short wheelbase, M135i who likes to play, but he was Forgiving and easily controlled. Surprisingly, deleted in the system stability control automatically puts the car in the comfort mode, but it`s not a bad thing: mapping the throttle modulation that allows measured more easier.

We love the N55 3.0-litre straight-six turbocharged-it made all the right reads and have problems to move M135i with gusto. Running from zero to 60 mph takes five seconds, BMW says; the speed is set at 155 mph. stroke of this compact hatch road State is pure happiness. Engines sings a song enhanced but beautiful, well-run movement pass easily, and the shifter offer short tells the pedestal. M135i performance shifters who are arriving with a notice that also witnessed the engine output to climb from 315 to 322 horsepower.

For all that the quality of the sport, M135i it is a fine long distance cruiser, as well. With a different drive mode, it can act as a solid ESP. well behaved, the benefits of an intense architectural features and convenience together with the presentation of the more luxurious BMW. BMW, of course, is especially proud of the telematics system and connection. Series 1 is a prime example of what the future has in store: it comes with the SIM card and, like Tesla, can receive the online system updates direct from BMW. The company also knew exactly where the car was and what he was doing-kind of scary.

In six said, "see Ya."1-series is a bit more limited in scope and shorter coupe 2-series, but it offers more space and practical. Unfortunately, this attractive offer doesn`t have a bright future at BMW. Generation 1-series will be associated with the 2-series yet regret not racing rear 2-series Coup but rather to the racing wheel 2-welcoming the active pariwisatawan and pariwisatawan series Gran. Transverse engine platform and there is no room for the inline six. The lucky buyers because of the opportunity to live where during the 1-series is sold must capture one while they still can.

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