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BMW i8 Spyder Show How You Will Interact with The Screen In Driving Your Own Car

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BMW i8 Spyder Show How You Will Interact with The Screen In Driving Your Own Car Juli 2018

Doorless, guard homeless BMW i8 Spyder E-paint slathered in copper is just a concept. But what is lacking all-weather protection, it more than makes up for the technology features.
Note the 21-inch panoramic display mounted on the dash. It is part of the party hybrid sports car.

The hotel also has a head-up display and a high-res 3D instrument cluster i8 price tag. And what they are doing and the presentation depends on three mod guide: original, useful and Auto Mode.
In pure, i8 Spyder is operated like an ordinary car - you are in control of the drive. The security system is still and watch the road, but it would not intervene. This car also offers limited information on the screen in this mode to limit driver distraction.

In relief, the car will take control of it like BMW that- "shunt" accident. In this mode, you will get a little more show information.
Finally, in full self-drive Auto mode, such as the concept of a chair, 26 Volvo adapt to more space-like, pull the steering wheel to the dash and adjust the 21-inch screen.
Once you are in this mode, a new control system signal AirTouch BMW active 3D. This allows the driver to operate the big screen as a touch screen, but the key is that you really do not have to touch it. Leave the sensor in the steering wheel dash sweep left or right and activate the application by pressing their fingers forward into the air. Things are very intelligent.
BMW quick to point out that even if now all of this is just a concept, and they are not ready for the road. The law still needs to pursue the technology. However, the German car manufacturer shows that the automatic mode may be legal in some parts of the US are now to be implemented in, say, carpool lanes.

For AirTouch, BMW shows the first generation of the control signal is only a year ago at CES. It then quickly put the new 7 series, which you can buy today.
Here is where the announcement of BMW closer to reality. Unlike i vision of the future interaction, mirrorless i8 is pretty much i8 without-you think-mirror.
BMW replaced the rearview and side glass with a high-res camera side finished in Gorilla Glass 2 lens. There are also one-third mounted on the top of the rear windscreen. Digitally stitched together and displayed on a large screen which mirrors the traditional review, the driver now has a free digital Blindspot street view.

It has more advantages than just looking cool. First of all, safer. Without cranking your head around to see what is around you, you can keep your eyes forward. Also watch for you. If you change the next signal and a camera to detect, say, a motorist in the next lane, it will highlight the yellow warning at you.

Mirrorless i8 also more relaxed on the road because they do not have a very big side mirrors that cause air turbulence. Also, passengers get a display similar to the driver. Indeed, I can see that a little at as a nuisance, because suddenly the passenger you can go back a full driver`s seat.

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